Monday, April 2, 2007


This is Tim. He is "the landlord" as Calvin calls him. He is a good sport and is eating a peep, while wearing the bunny ears. He dosen't seem overly pleased with the peep.
We tried to eat some "peeps" tonight. This is gonna be terrible. The kids could hardly eat them. That's a bad sign. I have to eat 37 of these little guys. I found some new flavors, though, like cocoa peeps.

The kids thought I ought to eat a solid milk chocolate bunny, too. They are the worst for coming up with new things for my challenge. They have no idea what I'm about to embark on. Well, neither do I which is why I'm still up for it.


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Debbie said...

Great pics. Your kids are beautiful. Anyway... Ch-ch-ch-check it out: sent your Birthday Bunny package yesterday. I am told, with luck, it arrives in 4 business days. I do not believe in God, Heaven, or prayer. BUT SWEET JESUS, LET IT ARRIVE ON TIME!!! Anyway, if it doesn't, I want you to take it as a sign that your challenge must resume in someway the day it arrives. Hear me out: I'm thinking like saying 37 times (while wearing enclosed article of clothing) something like... oh I dunno... "I LOVE MY MEEHOE!" whilst doing a robot-like dance. Yes, that's it.
Love, Flounder
P.S. Today is Gert's and I's 9th anniversary. What were you up to that day? Wearing an awesome bridesmaid gown is all!
P.P.S. Dude, 9 years?