Friday, April 6, 2007

Party Schedule

Okay friends, here is the plan. I could really use some help at the winerys. If you plan on tasting wine with me it would be very helpful if you could go ahead and order the wine, so that when I arrive I can just drink and move along. I may not need to stop at all of the wineries listed, but this is the general idea.

I'm very sad to say that Lisa is not going to make it after all :( That's okay, though, because I have all of you. The schedule is only a general idea, so using cell phones will be essential. Don't forget your cameras.

Please email, call or comment in the blog to let me know if and when you will be involved. 805-245-4295

Happy Birthday to me!!!

  • Friday
    4:00 leave for red rock
    drive, walk to boulders, boot up.
    5 - 6: 30 boulder problems 6:15 leave red rock
    drive to Y- 7:00 start swimming
    9:00 - finish swimming
    Run to Tastes of the Valleys 2.5 miles
    9:30 - 10 - taste 6 wines
    10 - run back to Y 2.5 miles

    5 am start riding Figueroa from south
    9:00 finish ride
    9:30 begin run 5 miles
    10:15 Los Olivos Cafe run 5 miles out foxen
    11:30 Curtis winery run 1.5 miles
    12 - Fess Parker run 1.5 miles
    12:30 Koehler run 5 miles
    1:45 Daniel Gehrs run 2.5 miles
    2:30 Buttonwood winery run 6.5 miles
    3:30 Kalyra winery run 1 mile
    4:00 sunstone winery run 4 miles
    4:45 Gainey winery
    Finish drinkin'


Debbie said...

ok,I know you must be sooooo tired, but I am eagerly waiting for the story of your Birthday Challenge. Did you get my package yet?

Sandee said...

i am going to work on that today! it was great.
i just got your package and decided it was the best gift i have ever received. you are so amazing. i want to somehow post it so everyone can see it, though they couldn't possibly get it the way i did.

Pebbles said...

Keep up the good work.